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Host A Book Review Session At Your Home

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Sharing your thoughts about an interesting book while nestled in front of your fireplace and enjoying a cup of seasonal flavored coffee may sound appealing to you. If you and a few of your neighbors have decided to begin a book review and coffee hour each month, be the first person to volunteer as the host/hostess of the event and plan how the social activity will unfold. 

Choose Your Book And Get Your Supplies Ready

Decide which book you would like to review and let your group members know that it has been selected so that each person can acquire a copy of the reading material and digest what has been written prior to meeting at your home. If you have been using your Keurig coffee maker on a daily basis, sediment may have settled on the interior portions of the machine.

To clean the reservoir that holds water, pour white vinegar into the chamber and turn the coffee maker on. After the vinegar has dripped through the opening that leads to the coffee canister, rinse out the canister with warm soapy water.

Pour plain water into the machine's reservoir. Again, turn the coffee maker on so that the water is dispersed through the opening that leads to the top of the canister. Any traces of vinegar will be removed through the second operation of the coffee maker.

Purchase Coffee Pods And Cups

Purchase a variety pack of coffee pods. Choose flavors of coffee that will set the mood for the book review. Are you going to be talking about a nature book or a story that is set in the winter? If so, choose a pod collection that contains some bold, robust flavors that will remind you and your readers about the outdoors.

Perhaps, you could select a cinnamon or spice flavor if you are trying to promote a setting that is mysterious and full of surprises. Be creative when incorporating the flavors that you will offer during the initial book review. If you are uncertain about a specific flavor, offer more than one variety during the social hour.

Instead of worrying about cleaning coffee cups and saucers at the end of the gathering, purchase disposable coffee cups, lids, and straws. Disposable items that have lids will prevent spills and will allow your guests the flexibility of bringing their beverages home with them if they do not finish them while they are spending time at your home.