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5 Easy And Unique Recipes For Your Next Potluck

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Are you wondering what to take to your next potluck lunch or dinner? Are you tired of being the one who always brings just chips because you can't think of anything else to bring? Check out the following ideas to jump start your creativity:

  • Watermelon salad: If you're looking for a summertime treat, try a watermelon salad. A good watermelon salad recipe often contains feta cheese and mint for a unique taste sensation. Or you could choose a watermelon pomegranate salad with raspberries and balsamic vinegar. If you choose a watermelon salad recipe with mint, you might want to use less mint than the recipe calls for, bringing extra on the side. Not everyone enjoys a strong mint flavor, so being able to adjust to their taste will be appreciated.
  • Fried chicken salad: You're probably familiar with a traditional and often boring chicken salad, which usually uses plain baked or boiled chicken. Add a zesty twist to your next chicken salad recipe by using fried chicken instead. Shred or chop the skin into small pieces and use with the rest of the chicken in your favorite chicken salad recipe. The breading will give the salad a unique crunch while the herbs and spices will leave everyone raving and coming back for seconds.
  • Bacon dog kebabs: Cut a hot dog into fourths and wrap each piece with one half of a slice of bacon, securing with a toothpick. Back in a 400-degree-oven for fifteen or twenty minutes, until the bacon is crisp. Thread the cooked bacon dogs onto skewers with cubes of tomatoes, cheese, onions, and other favorite toppings. You might also want to bring along dipping containers of mustard, ketchup, and barbecue sauce for people to enjoy.
  • Pea salad: A simple recipe, pea salad, is often little more than peas, bacon, and mayonnaise. Although the combination may sound strange at first, the bacon really helps bring everything together. This is an extremely uncomplicated and easy last-minute recipe, fantastic for those times when you've forgotten to make something to bring along.
  • Candy bar dip: Why bring an ordinary dip for chips, when you can bring something extraordinary? These recipes use your favorite candy bars, marshmallow fluff, and cream cheese. Serve with packages of graham crackers, vanilla wafers, or even sliced apples. For best results, bring along two or three different candy bar dips, allowing people to choose their favorite candy bar options.