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Chocolate Recipe Additions To Enhance The Health Of Your Heart

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Studies show that dark chocolate is good for the heart, and this is good news if you like to make gourmet chocolates in your own kitchen. If you want to boost your heart health even further, then consider changing your chocolate recipe to include some other healthy foods. Not only can this keep your heart pumping strong, but your creations will be far more decadent than they were before. Consider some of the options below to keep both your heart and mouth happy.  

Add Blueberries

Medical professionals have known for a long time that berries are healthy for your heart. This is true of all dark colored berries, because these fruits contain flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that prevent the cells of the body from becoming damaged. These plant based compounds also help to reduce the free radicals that find their way into the body from the outside environment. All dark colored berries are good for your heart, but blueberries have been shown to reduce your heart attack risks. This makes them a great addition to your chocolate recipe.

You can easily dip whole blueberries into melted chocolate, or you can create small chocolates that contain blueberry pieces. Use your double boiler or one of your cooking pots to heat your chocolate on the stove and then add two tablespoons of water to make sure that your chocolate remains creamy. Cut up your whole blueberries into quarters or eighths and lightly fold them into your melted chocolate. Allow the mixture to cook for several minutes, so the blueberries soften. Pour the chocolate into a mold afterwards.

Use Almonds

Nuts are often added to chocolate to give the sweet treat a crunchy and firm texture. The salty taste of the nuts helps to offset the sweetness of the chocolate as well, so your gourmet creation is more complex. Some nuts are good for your heart as well and this is especially true of almonds. Almonds contain healthy fats that can reduce your risk of heart disease, and the nuts also have vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can prevent cell damage across the heart tissues. Almonds contain magnesium too, and this nutrient helps to keep calcium from solidifying on the walls of your arteries.  

Whole almonds can easily be added to your melted chocolate. If you want a more unique and homogenous texture within the treat, then consider using a kitchen chopper to create thin slices or chunks of almonds before you add them to your chocolate. You want your chocolate to remain smooth and creamy, so add about one-eighth of a cup of the nuts to about two cups of dark chocolate.  

Pour in Some Honey

If you want your chocolates to be even more complex, then consider spooning in about two tablespoons of honey to your chocolate recipe when you add your almonds. Honey is good for you, because it contains antioxidants just like almonds and blueberries. Honey is thick though, so add a tablespoon of milk or water to your gourmet creation when you spoon in the honey. This will keep the almonds and honey from clumping up together when you mix your chocolate.

If you are a gourmet candy creator, then you probably like to make your own chocolates at home. Chocolate is good for your heart, and you can make sure that your treats are even better for your cardiovascular system by adding a few simple ingredients to your decadent chocolate recipes. Go to your local chocolate makers, such as Abdallah Candies And Gifts, for more information.