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3 Fun Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Your Significant Other

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Breakfast in bed is a treat on any day, but it can be a special way to show someone you love just how much you care about them. If you have been thinking about doing a breakfast in bed surprise, but want an idea or two to make it extra special, here are some fun or romantic twists you can use to make the idea your own.

Order from the Person's Favorite Restaurant

Most breakfast in bed ideas usually involved a home-cooked meal, but if your loved one has a specific restaurant, like Eggs 'N Things, that they are extremely fond of, ordering their favorite breakfast from this establishment might just put a bigger smile on their face than anything you could cook up on your own. Call the restaurant and ask if they will deliver for this special occasion. Just be sure to get down to the door before they knock so that your loved one does not wake up. If delivery is not an option, you'll need to either figure out a way to sneak out of the house while your loved one is still sleeping so that you can get the food or perhaps you could ask a friend or relative to get it for you and bring it to you.

Cook to Order

Start the breakfast out by offering them coffee or juice and something small like a muffin. Walk into the room wearing a chef hat or apron and let them know that you are going to cook them whatever they want while they stay in bed and enjoy. This could be a fun way to serve a multiple course meal. You could even make a custom menu up on fancy stationery so that it looks like a real restaurant menu and let your loved one pick whatever they want.

Get Sexy with the Desert

If you offer desert at the end of your breakfast, and you are feeling a little frisky, you could use this as an opportunity to turn a nice breakfast into something sexy and romantic. Use your own imagination on this one, but if you want just one idea, how about strawberries, whipped cream and yourself as the plate?

Serving your partner breakfast in bed can be a great way to give them a romantic gesture and let them know you care. If you're not the best cook, you could still pull this off by ordering breakfast from their favorite restaurant. If you want to cook yourself, make a menu up and cook to order. If you'd like to try and heat things up, get creative with the desert.