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Thought You Tasted It All? Try One Of These 6 Pizza Recipes!

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You can never go wrong with pizza. What started as a poor man's dish has now blossomed into one of the most popular dishes of all time. With popularity came several renditions of this dish. Below is a list of the strangest pizzas found from all around the world.

The Hotdog Crust

This pizza, a favorite in Japan, pays tribute to America with a crust lined with bacon-and-cheese wrapped hotdogs. Hamburger, sausage, ham, mushroom, pepper, and tomato sauce are toppings that are included. This giant pizza also comes with the option of adding ketchup and maple syrup.

The Bacon-And-Cheese Hamburger Pizza

This monstrosity of a pizza was created by a group of men for a Super Bowl party and has become quite popular. This pizza is actually two extra large pizzas with five pounds hamburger and two pounds of bacon held securely inside using two pounds of cheese and pizza sauce.

Squid Ink Pizza

Another favorite pizza in Japan is called the Squid Ink Pizza. There is no mystery as to what the ingredients are. This pizza replaces the tomato sauce with black squid ink. For the toppings you can choose various forms of seafood, with shrimp being the most popular choice. This pizza does not come with cheese and is sprinkled with red pepper flakes for an extra kick of flavor.


If you're in the mood for a little insect in your diet, head to the mid west where cicadas pizza is very popular. Cicada pizza can also be found on many menus in New York. This pizza substitutes the pepperoni with the bugs. It also comes with mushroom and green bell pepper toppings to add an extra crunch.

Caviar Pizza

This New York favorite is made from several different types of caviar and costs over $1,000. This luxurious pizza also comes with chives and fresh lobster.

Shrimp And Mayo

Japan certainly gets creative with their pizza toppings. A shrimp and mayo pizza, again, is self-explanatory: it is decorated with various types of seafood and big chunks of shrimp. Instead of plentiful cheese, the shrimp is surrounded by mayonnaise.

Pizzas have certainly become more popular over the years. They have also become more unique and creative. If, on your travels, you find yourself in the neighborhood of a local pizza parlor, such as Uncle Pete's Pizza, stop in and see what strange creation they have come up with.