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How to Find the Right Fryer to Outfit Your Restaurant

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If you own a restaurant, chances are a fryer is a key component of your kitchen. Fryers can be used for everything from the ubiquitous French fry to rare delicacies like squash blossoms or fried meal worms. In order to keep your fryer churning out food day after grueling day, you need to make sure that you have a good fryer and that it is stocked with the right accessories. 

What Makes a Good Fryer

A fryer must have a good capacity, and it also must have the ability to carefully control oil temperature. When you are churning out batch after batch of fried foods, you need to make sure that your fryer can handle the shear quantity of food. A large fryer may have two or more bays so that you can dedicate each bay to a different fried delicacy. 

Capacity is important, but different foods will burn at different temperatures. Thus, in order to be able to cook a variety of fried foods in your restaurant, you need to be able to change the temperature in your fryer. A good fryer should give you this ability. 

Fryer Accessories

Most foods that you would cook in a fryer will break or flake apart to some extent. As these bits of food stay in the fryer, they will burn, and as they do, they will give your oil an acrid, bitter taste. To avoid constantly changing out your oil, you will need to equip your fryer with a good filter, which will remove these bits of food. 

You will also need a way to lift food out of the fryer. There are various baskets, trays, and scoops that you can use to remove food. Which implement you use to remove food from the fryer will depend on the type and quantity of food you are cooking. When cooking a high quantity of food in your fryer using a basket or tray will help to remove a lot of food quickly. If you have foods that float on top of the oil, a scoop can help to turn the foods for even cooking.

If you have a dream of owning a restaurant, and you plan to serve fried foods in your restaurant, you need to do more than simply throw a pot of oil on the stove. Cooking with oil requires precise temperature control and the ability to cook a lot of food in a short amount of time. The right fryer set-up will help you to maximize your output while cutting the cost of the oil you use to cook. Talk to local experts such as K & D Factory Service Inc for more information.