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3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store By Using A Bulk Candy Aisle

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One of the most fun things that you can do for your customers is to set up a bulk candy section in your store. These sections are a call back to many people's childhood and it immediately makes them feel comfortable. Additionally, bulk candy is seen as a great value, even if the prices are analogous to what they would find in pre-packaged candy. Here are three ways you can make a bulk candy aisle a success in your store.

Stock candy that your customers would like

While you may be tempted to include a large quantity of different options, don't feel like you need to have a lot of different candy options to make your customers happy. Instead, focus on candy that your customers like and that works well as bulk options. Salt water taffy is a great option because it is individually wrapped and is a classic option that is loved by both parents and children. It is a part of their childhood and it has a wide variety of flavors that keep people coming back for more.

Make the area inviting

Too many bulk candy sections are large crates of candy and nuts without any ambiance at all. As a result, bulk candy isn't the draw that it otherwise could be. Instead of going for a featureless pile of monotonous candy, do something exciting with it and dress it up using a theme. Some great options are to use a train theme if you have larger containers or a great urban skyscraper theme if you have less floor space or a lot of smaller bulk candy selections. People will go out of their way to shop the Bulk Candy Train or visit Bulk Candy City.

Put your bulk candy area towards the registers

Because of the price point of bulk candy, put it towards the registers. People will see how inexpensive it is and will be happy to fill a small bag with candy as they head out of the store. This is a great way to get some extra marginal sales. Additionally, because bulk candy is less expensive for you than the branded, packaged candy varieties, you can make larger margins on the same volume of sales. With your margins constantly under pressure as you are stuck between companies and individuals, this is a great way to help your business out.

Good luck in creating a wonderful area that will help drive your company to become more profitable.