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Selecting Healthy Choices When Ordering Chinese Food

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If you are in a hurry, take-out food from a Chinese restaurant is a great way to get a full meal quickly. Many enjoy the convenience of take-out food, and Chinese is a healthier alternative to fast food establishments. If you are watching your weight, you may wonder which Chinese food choices would be best. Here are a few selections that are on the healthier end of the spectrum when grabbing something to go from a Chinese restaurant.


When selecting appetizers, try to pick items that will fill you up without excess oil being used as a cooking ingredient. Broth-based soups such as sweet and sour or wonton are great ways to fill you before the main course. These average about a hundred calories for a small bowl and are not fatty in content. Instead of having egg rolls, try spring rolls as they are filled with vegetables and are used in less oil since they are not fried. Steamed vegetable dumplings are less than fifty calories apiece, making them a filling appetizer with a healthy filling.

Main Courses

Stick with vegetables, chicken, and rice over red meat and noodle courses when trying to stay on a weight-loss plan. There are many healthy Chinese meals that incorporate vegetables into the dish. Chicken and broccoli dishes also deliver nutrients in abundance. Broccoli is chock full of vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium. 

Protein-heavy chicken and shrimp are two filling selections that can be incorporated into your meal nutritiously. As long as these are not breaded, you will be staying within weight-loss guidelines while having a tasty meal in the process. Steamed shrimp with garlic is a flavorful meal with minimal calorie intake. Any steamed vegetable is a great choice, as well.


When selecting foods on a Chinese menu, ask for any sauces to be placed in a separate container rather than mixed into your entrée. You will be able to dip your food into the sauce, saving you several calories if do you not use the entire portion during your meal. 

Don't skimp on your dessert if you are stopping for Chinese food. Chinese fortune cookies are less than fifty calories apiece, making them a wonderful way to end your meal.

Ask the restaurant to go light on oil when preparing your meals and ask for a pair of chopsticks to eat your meal. This will slow down your eating, which will give your belly time to signal your brain when you are full. Often people who eat quickly will eat more overall.

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