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Sangria Season: Four Sangria Recipes For Each Season Of The Year

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Sangria is an excellent alternative to conventional cocktails and punches; the ease of preparing this beverage by the pitcher makes it perfect for entertaining a crowd at a party or reception. Take advantage of the fruits and flavors of the season, such as spicy notes during winter and sweet berries during the summer, to bring a seasonal flair to your party or event. Serve sangria with plenty of ice and fresh fruits to garnish, and enjoy your guests' reaction.

Four seasons of sangria include the following recipes and ideas:

Summer blush sangria

Weddings and anniversary parties are perfect occasions for summer blush sangria, and the lovely pink color will complement party décor and venues. Combine a bottle of your favorite rose wine with white grape juice, simple syrup to taste, and a couple ounces of raspberry liqueur. Garnish and serve with fresh raspberries or pomegranate arils and ice.

Harvest fruit sangria

Even though the name implies that this is an autumnal recipe, harvest fruit sangria is a refreshing and suitable beverage for parties any time of the year. Combine white wine, white grape juice, club soda, and sugar to taste in your pitcher; garnish and serve with sliced apples, whole green grapes, and pear slices. Make this by the pitcher and serve by the glass over ice to guests.

Holiday champagne punch

Use a dry champagne, and sweeten with some simple syrup and a couple ounces of triple sec liqueur; add a bit of peach puree or mango nectar and serve without ice. This is an elegant and simple beverage to serve at holiday parties or anytime! Add a few strawberry slices or raspberries to give each glass of punch a pop of color.

Sweet spring sangria

The difference in this sangria is the touch of thyme and rosemary that you add before serving. Use a hearty red wine and combine with cranberry juice or pomegranate juice, sweetener, and ginger ale; add orange slices, cloves, and a couple stems of thyme or rosemary to steep until it is served. This also works well when mulled and served warm during chilly seasons.

Any time of the year is a great time to serve sangria. Wine and liquor are often available to be delivered to your venue by delivery services, which can make it an even more convenient option when entertaining or planning large functions. Try these four distinct sangria recipes and enjoy serving a delicious glass to your friends and family, any time of the year!

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