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5 Tips For Vegetarians Dining At Mexican Restaurants

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There's no reason to skip your favorite Mexican cuisine just because you are a vegetarian. With a little bit of advance planning and the following tips, you can enjoy eating out with your friends and family while still sticking to your diet and your values.

Tip #1: Find Out About the Broth

Many Mexican favorites look vegetarian at first glance, but they may contain meat or bone broth. This includes Spanish rice and refried beans. It's best to call ahead when possible to inquire about the restaurant's broth usage and whether these items are vegetarian-safe. Do so in the early afternoon, after the lunch rush but before the dinner crowd. This ensures the staff has time to ask the kitchen without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Tip #2: Check Out the Appetizer Menu

The appetizer menu of many Mexican food restaurants is a treasure trove of vegetarian options. For example, fully loaded steak nachos may be on the specialty page, but the vegetarian version of the same dish will be on the appetizer menu. This is also where you are likely to find cheese quesadillas and the chips and guacamole option.

Tip #3: Hold the Meat

Most Mexican entrees are instantly vegetarian if you simply skip the meat. Taco salads without beef, cheese enchiladas, and bean burritos are some of the easier options. Often, these alternatives are even listed right on the menu, so there's no need to feel awkward with a special request. As mentioned before, you will want to verify that the restaurant doesn't use animal fats when cooking.

Tip #4: Skip the Dairy

If you prefer a vegan diet to a vegetarian one, you will need to make your requirements very clear. Most Mexican restaurants use a heavy hand with the cheese. Fortunately, they are more than happy to leave it off upon request. Also, make sure your dish isn't served with sour cream. It is so common with Mexican fare that it may not even be mentioned in the menu description.

Tip #5: Pass the Fried Foods

Unless, that is, you can verify that the foods are fried in vegetable oil and not lard. Mexican fried specialties like chimichangas and crispy flour tortillas are often fried in lard at a Mexican food restaurant. In some cases, such as when ordering tostada, you can simply request that your tortilla isn't fried. For foods like chimichangas, simply order a bean burrito instead.

When in doubt, check to see if your favorite restaurant has a menu online so you can see what options they have. You'll feel more confident ordering if you prepare in advance.

For more help, contact a local restaurant or look at this web-site.